Cosmic undertakes Turnkey projects of industrial HVAC, Refrigeration systems and Climatic test facilities right from the conceptual stage to commissioning stage.

Bullet Cold Storage:

Cosmic offers a wide range of cooling and preservation solutions. Solutions customized to suit any industry that requires storage of engineering products or perishable produce over extended periods of time without suffering any loss of quality

  • Specifications:

Bullet Temperature Range: 15°C to -35°C

Bullet Volume: 8m3 to 2000m3

  • Features:

Bullet PUF panel rooms available with G.I./S.S sheet

Bullet Reliable Refrigeration System and robust construction designed for continuous operation

Bullet Incorporated with various refrigeration, electrical and electronic safety devices to protect your product

Bullet Humidity control cold storages (Optional)

  • Application:

Bullet Agriculture sector including horticulture and floriculture units

Bullet Manufacturers of fresh food produce of any kind

Bullet Food processing units

Bullet Pharmaceutical industries

Bullet Seafood industries

Bullet Dairy & hospitality sectors Including hotels restaurants and eateries

Bullet Engineering Industry


Bullet Industrial Air conditioning

As indicated by its name, Industrial Air Conditioning refers to industrial applications where the parameters like type of heat load, temperature and humidity are different from the comfort air conditioning requirement. Generally, this would include industries such as engineering, textiles, electronics, automobiles, defence, pharmaceuticals, glass, food, entertainment, horticulture etc and hospitals. These types of applications would require a more detailed and specialized air conditioning system. Cosmic offers the most cost-efficient option, with the most impeccable quality refrigeration and ventilation systems.

Bullet Precision Air Conditioning

Precision air-conditioning systems regulate temperature and humidity for sensitive technology very precisely. Cosmic has catered services in the field of Precision air conditioning to variety of institutes like Research labs, ordnance factories, manufacturing industries.

  • Specifications:

Bullet Temperature control + 0.1°C

Bullet Humidity control + 3%

Bullet Air Washer System / Ventilation system

Air washer system also known as evaporative cooling system works by adiabatic cooling of air in which air is cooled using the heat in the air to evaporate water. The innovative evaporative cooling media provides simple and efficient evaporative cooling using water, not refrigerants. Any business can count on the Cosmic evaporative cooling system to improve working conditions and productivity. Cosmic systems are the efficient way to cool, at running cost 1/5 that of air conditioning with refrigeration. We provide a turnkey solution for Air washer system, Ventilation system right from design, manufacturing to installation from capacities 10,000 CFM to 500,000 CFM.

  • Features:

Bullet Longer functional life,

Bullet Easy to install,

Bullet Application specific design,

Bullet Precision functionality

  • Applications:

Bullet Factory Shop floors

Bullet Movie theatres and auditoriums

Bullet Chemical and biological laboratories

Bullet Food cooking and processing areas