Bullet Rapid Temperature Change
Environmental Chambers

Environmental test chambers simulate the temperature and humidity conditions to which machinery, materials, devices or components might be exposed. Cosmic manufactures chambers capable of providing temperature change rates from 1°C per-minute to 10°C per-minute.

  • Specifications:

Bullet Temperature : 200°C to –70°C

BulletDry Cool-Heat chambers

BulletCool-Heat chambers with humidity control
(10% to 98%)

BulletVolume : 30 ltrs to 8,000 ltrs

Bullet Walk-In Environmental Test Chambers:

We supply Walk-In Environmental Test Chamber as per your requirement, capable of testing large components, assemblies and finished products.

  • Specifications:

Bullet Temperature : 120°C to –60°C

Bullet Dry Cool-Heat chambers

Bullet Cool-Heat chambers with humidity control
(10% to 98%)

Bullet Volume : 8m3 to 300m3

  • Application:

Walk in test chambers are used for conducting tests in the telecommunication, defense, aerospace, pharmaceutical, automotive and electronics industry. Chambers are manufactured for wide variety of tests such as Climatic tests, Heat & cool tests, Rapid temperature tests, Cyclic tests etc and also for controlled temperature & humidity storage.

Bullet Deep Freezers / Ultra Low Temperature Cabinets

Deep freezers are used for quick freezing and / or long term storage of material. Cosmic’s deep freezers are designed with the best quality refrigeration system to meet the elevated standards of performance and controlled temperature storage.

  • Specifications:

Bullet Temperature : -20°C to -80°C

Bullet Volume : 30 liters to 8000 liters

Bullet Walk in freezers: up to 300m3

  • Application:

Food and beverages industry, Ice cream plants, pharmaceutical & medical industry, Engineering industry, Heat treatment of steel parts and measurement gauges, biotech and clinical applications, testing purpose.



  • Environmental Chamber And Deep Freezer Features

Bullet Electronic temperature controller

Bullet Optional PID Controller

Bullet Reliable operation

Bullet Energy Efficient

Bullet Fast pull-down




Bullet Accurate temperature (humidity if applicable)
control and holdover capability

Bullet Excellent temperature stability and homogeneity

Bullet Internal Stainless Steel & external powder coated MS Construction

Bullet Computer interfacing (Optional)

Bullet Data Logging (Optional)